Do you have team licenses?

We allow people to share their course purchase with up to 1 other person. We know people have spouses, brothers, business partners and we want you to get value from our courses, not feel like you are railroaded. 

However, if you plan to share this course with a team of people, we ask that you purchase a team license ($1,000) or buy the course for each 2 people that you want to share it with. 

We want you AND your team to be successful, and being successful means learning and sharing the necessary tools to do so.

Here is what we offer for teams:

  • If you are purchasing courses for 2-5 team members you will receive a 30% discount on the courses. 
  • If you are purchasing for 6+ team members you will receive a 50% discount on the courses. 
  • All courses have to be bought at one time (not over the course of 3-4 months). 
  • We don't retroactively refund if you buy for 3 and then in 3 months you buy for 3 more. 
  • However, if you've already bought 5 courses and are purchasing a 6th - you will get the 6th half off and any other courses that you purchase in the future.

If you are buying the entire line up of courses for multiple team members please contact us for a custom quote at info[at]