Can I choose my own prices?

As an Instructor, You will be responsible for determining the Base Price You charge Students for Your Course(s).

We currently have 3 levels of courses:

  • Level 1 - "Bulletproof" courses are for  intermediate marketers (or business owners) that have 1-3 years of experience and are looking for more instruction on different types of campaigns to run in specific ad networks. These courses range from $99 - $199. (DMBI Recommends: $99). 
  • Level 2 - "Masters" courses are for intermediate to advanced marketers. They teach a larger strategy or concept to apply across marketing channels or to open new marketing channels. These courses range from $498 - $998. (DMBI Recommends: $998)

You agree to charge only for Your own Submitted Content. You may not charge separately for any course add-ons such as downloadable PDFs or other content and services (such as providing a link to a third party service to sell downloadable PDFs). DMBI will handle billing and other fee interaction with Students.

As part of Your participation on DMBIonline, You give Us permission to share Your Course, and information about You and the Course with DMBIonline employees and selected partners, for which You will not receive compensation.

DMBIonline offers certain programs that can help you market your Courses (“Accelerator Programs”). As an instructor, you are automatically enrolled in the accelerator program. The complete list and terms of the currently available Marketing Programs are available under our Instructor Pricing and Promotions in our Support Center, which may be updated from time to time. If you would like to “opt out” of these marketing programs, contact our support at

You acknowledge that the amounts paid by Students for Courses sold through Marketing Programs are not fixed, and DMBIonline has the sole discretion to determine those amounts and which Courses to offer as part of such Marketing Programs. Further, DMBIonline does not guarantee any minimum level of success in connection with the Marketing Programs, and its selection of Courses to include is not an endorsement of those Courses, or of You. If You do not wish to participate in certain Marketing Programs, contact to opt out of them.