What is included in the DMBIonline Accelerated Program for Instructors?

As an instructor with a published course you are automatically enrolled in the DMBIonline Accelerator Program for instructors. Each month, thousands of students enroll in courses, as a member of this program you can leverage those enrollments to maximize your revenue potential with DMBIonline. 

Please note: You can opt out of this program any time by contacting support. 

Here's the benefits Instructors receive as a member of the Accelerator Program:

1. Thank You Page Discovery - This puts your course on thank you pages of other courses which will help more students discover your courses.

NOTE: your course will only be added to related topics. Customers receive a 15% off coupon on the TY page to encourage them to enroll in more than 1 course.

2. Retargeting - DMBIonline runs paid ad promotions to it’s retargeting audience as well as similar audiences. Your course will automatically be added to our campaigns. 

3. Newsletter promotion - Each week DMBIonline subscribers receive an email newsletter. The editor chooses a published DMBIonline course to promote at the end of each newsletter. With a published course, you would be included in that promotion rotation. 

NOTE: there is no guarantee of a specific number of promotions in the newsletter. It is at the sole discretion of the DMBIonline newsletter editor. 

4. Featured Blog Post - If you submit a blog post for theDMBIonline blog and it is accepted by the blog editor,you will also be included in the weekly newsletter that will give you exposure to all students that have enrolled in any course on DMBIonline. 

You can submit a blog post as often as you’d like. 

5. SEO Rankings - All products on the platform will optimized for search engine rankings for terms related for your course.

6. Paid Ad Promotions - DMBIonline runs paid ads in networksincluding but not limited to Google Adwords, FacebookAds, Twitter ads.

If your course is selling well and has positive reviews, the DMBIonline campaign manager will include your course in the campaigns related to your course keywords. 

7. Daily email - Each day, DMBIonline sends a marketing related email. If your course is selling well and has positive reviews, your course will be added to the list of approved courses for the daily email.

This means we’ll send an email promotion to the entire student list featuring your course.