Creating Course Content

To make it super easy for instructors to publish courses on our site we have chosen to use Thickific - an all in one platform for independent experts and entrepreneurs to create, market and sell online courses.

Please note: We have a course administrator that will setup your course for you. Please contact us, if you'd like us to setup this up for you. 

Below are some 'how-to' guides from their support pages to get you going!

Create a Custom Completion Page

Create a Presentation Lesson

Create a Multimedia Lesson

Bulk Importer

Create a PDF Lesson

Add a Disqus Discussion Forum

Create a Text Lesson

Create a Survey

Create a Quiz

Create a video lesson

How to do multiple columns in a Thinkific text component

How to get PowerPoint animations into Thinkific

Create an audio lesson

Create a Downloads lesson

Using live video streaming for your Thinkific course

How to configure a Google Doc to allow iframing