Recommended specs for exporting videos

We do have a few specifications and guidelines we recommend following in order to obtain the best performance using our service. However, you can upload pretty much any video and it will work well - these are just best practices. In summary, any 720p videos are ideal. Generally 5,000 kbps.

More details for ideal file sizes/specs below:


Codec: h.264

Resolution: between 640px and 1280px wide

Bitrate: 5,000 - 10,000 kbps

Aspect ratio: Landscape videos are best as portrait videos will not display nicely in most cases. We accept any resolution, though 16:9 works best for courses and landing pages. 


Codec: AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)

Sample rate: 44.1mhz

Channels: 2-channel Stereo (not surround)

A little more explanation on why these settings are preferable...

After you upload a video we perform encoding on it, creating multiple versions for different use cases and environments (such as iOS devices), and we also get these versions ready to stream on the web.

We have video-type detection and encoding settings (what we call Smart Encoding) so that live-action videos look great, and longer videos that require fine detail (like webinars) will be as efficient a file-size as possible (for smooth playback).

The largest resolution we create is 720p, or 1280px by 720px. If you upload any video larger than 1280px wide, we're going to create the following derivatives:

Derivative Bitrate
1280px wide HD 2,500 kbps
960px wide MD 1,200 kbps
640px wide SD 700 kbps
iPhone 800 kbps
HD iPhone (for iPad3) 1,200 kbps

We recommend uploading video at 1280px wide because it is the most efficient approach - your original files won't be taking up extra space in your account, and your uploading/processing times will be as speedy as possible as well.