Common Cold Email Questions

Q.: Can I use Cold Email for my local company?

A.: Yes this is perfect for ad sales to local companies. Mike shows you how to get their contact details, how to write the emails, and how to get them to buy.

Q.: In the course I saw it shows how to get targeted leads for $179 but was wondering does the course show me how to get leads for free with cold email if I don't have the money to pay for the $179 lead strategy?

A.: Yes he shows you lots of free methods. The paid methods just help you go bigger and faster.

Q.: Does the course give examples of successful cold emails that generated business or do we have to put together our own cold emails ourselves?

A.:  Mike is writing templates for the course now. But what he does even better is show you how to write your own custom emails. It works much better when it is customized for your specific business.