What courses do you offer?

Currently DMBI is offering the following courses with more coming soon!

Solo Ads 101 - In this free course you'll learn how to buy solo ads in large email lists, how to choose good lists, how to negotiate better prices, & how to write great email ads.

Million Clicks Blueprint - A Traffic course that focuses on leveraging multiple streams of traffic that combine to make one large raging river of website visitors.The frameworks taught inside this course work for all niche markets and all types of business models.

Bulletproof Facebook Ads - This course covers the entire process, step by step—from creating the ad, testing markets, optimizing campaigns, scaling up, and reporting. It's the ultimate training for someone starting an agency or training your new media buyer.

Bulletproof GDN Ads - Master the worlds largest ad network. Giving you access to 90% of worldwide internet users and with more than 2 million publishers. With GDN you put your ads where your potential customers can see them. *Now with new bonus video on how to target your competitors' customers' inboxes!

Bulletproof Twitter Ads - Learn how to exploit the unspoken goldmine of Twitter ads. If you love FB ads, then you're going to love this too.

Bulletproof Native Ads - Learn how to get started with native ads the right way and stop waiting for traffic. For as little as $5/day you can get leads, sales, and reach new audiences enthusiastically reading your sales piece by tomorrow.

Bulletproof Landing Pages - Could you do better with the same traffic? Master the anatomy of successful landing pages and watch your conversions rise.

Bulletproof Direct Buys - Now you can learn how to cut out the middle-man and side-step your competition with the most old-school media buying method still alive

Bulletproof AdWords Ads - Discover how average marketers are doubling their web traffic for as little as $5/day with cheap and effective Google Adwords ads. Course is taught by Mike Williams & Juan Martitegui

Cold Email - Learn how to start getting sales immediately with no audience, ad budget or JV partners. Course is taught by Mike Hardenbrook

Media Buying Masters - Seriously discover how to make any ad network profitable with proven strategies gained from over 5,000 ad campaigns. There are training videos that teach you the overall system, a Slack community for getting 1on1 specific help for your business and weekly videos where we show you how we are applying the lessons in real life campaigns.